Where We Work

Where we workPIMD is a 100% volunteer organisation working in small, remote villages in Sri Lanka.

PIMD has been working with primary schools in the North and East of  Sri Lanka since 2004 improving the teaching of English as a Second Language (ESL) and computer literacy for Grades 1 – 5 in remote village schools.  Village schools are very important to these remote rural communities who have endured so much in recent years including the tsunami, war, and devastating floods in 2010. Anything that can be done to enhance opportunities for their children is highly valued and appreciated. We specifically target small village schools which lack even basic resources and are often passed over by larger programs. By supporting the school and its teachers we are able to help in rebuilding the communities by expanding opportunities for education and improved livelihoods and offering much needed and deserved encouragement to teachers and students.

For more information about the development challenges facing Sri Lanka and its progress on the Millennium Development goals go to http://www.undp.lk/development_goals/Pages/MDGs_In_Sri_Lanka.aspx

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