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English and Computer Literacy Program for Grades 1-5

The Lotus Program consists of two parts. The grade 1-2 component incorporates phonological and phonemic awareness activities into the Sri Lankan Activity Based Oral English (ABOE) syllabus for Grades 1 and 2. The grade 3-5 component of the Lotus Program focuses on reading and writing. At the end of Grade 2 or beginning of Grade 3, students follow an 8 week explicit instruction based, systematic phonics program. They then move onto the reading program. A guided reading, small group instruction approach using levelled readers is integrated with the Sri Lankan Government’s Let’s Learn English curriculum which aims to develop in children the ability to communicate and operate in everyday aspects of the Sri Lankan cultural and social context. By combining the two approaches, students develop their language skills in quantitative (e.g. vocab and expressions), qualitative (e.g. comprehension, making connections to the visual, etc.), and contextual terms. 

Watch this video for a demonstration of the small group approach:

We train teachers and provide teaching materials to schools in the program. Download the Program Manual here: 

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English and Computer Literacy Curriculum and Lesson Plans for Grades 1 and 2

Our ESL and Computer Literacy Curriculum for Grades 1 and 2 is easy to follow and implement even in small village schools. There are enough lesson plans for a full year of teaching assuming  3 x 30 min lessons per week. The curriculum and lessons focus on developing oral / aural English rather than literacy as many countries will focus early literacy on their mother tongue where that is the main language of instruction and communication.

The goals of the PIMD curriculum are:

To develop in the children the confidence to practice listening and speaking English as a second language (ESL) by use of English to communicate in social settings and use of English to reinforce learning at school including mother-tongue as a first language .

To acquire the basic keyboard and navigational skills, and ergonomic disciplines,  so as to be able to use the computer to assist learning in other areas.

Our rationale is that it is important to start embedding the core skills of English and computer literacy at as young an age as possible to avoid the high cost of addressing skill gaps in later years and as a scaffold for the vocational focus later on. By integrating English and computer literacy, the curriculum provides an immersion experience for students where there is low level of English use in their immediate environment.

The curriculum is specifically designed for small schools in remote areas with limited resources other than the Teacher’s own creativity and the children’s enthusiasm. References to specific software programs are to provide a guide only. Alternatives can be substituted. Internet access is not required. The lessons are simple and easy to follow and were developed and used in our own project in sixty village schools in Sri Lanka.

“The Partners in Micro Development Curriculum has assisted me in creating an educative framework upon which I have been able to build and add to in order to deliver effective and appropriate ESL teacher training to Namibian primary and high school teachers. The curriculum materials PIMD has successfully produced are valuable in how they guide teachers through their own development and understanding of English vocabulary, grammar and fundamental language skills.” – Volunteer working in ESL teacher development in Namibia

The full package can be downloaded here:

Curriculum Overview

ESL and Computer Literacy Curriculum Grades 1 and 2 – V2

Grade 1 Lessons

Grade 1 Lessons Units 1-5

Grade 1 Lessons Units 6-10

Grade 1 Lessons Units 11-20

Grade 2 Lessons

Grade 2 Lessons Units 1-5

Grade 2 Lessons Units 6-10

Grade 2 Lessons Units 11-20

If you have any questions regarding the curriculum that will help you determine its suitability for your needs please don’t hesitate to contact us.