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Step by step guide to e-learning for remote communities

This article, based on PIMD’s experience with village schools in Sri Lanka, sets out a step by step guide to introducing e-learning into remote communities starting from scratch with no infrastructure

ICT4D – Linking Policy to Community Outcomes

This article proposes an alternative ICT policy development framework for developing countries anchored in community based development drivers

ICT Policy and Social Inclusion

This series of articles makes the case for an approach to ICT4D policy based on social inclusion (Part 1), develops an evaluaton framework for policy based on this premise (Part 2), and applies the framework to two hypothetical policy scenarios (Part 3).

Developing an ICT Plan for Your Village

An integrated approach – blending social and economic development requirements – to village based planning for ICT:

The 2 Computer School

How to make good use of 1-2 computers with large classes of primary grade children:

Teaching English to large classes

How to teach English to large classes of small children with limited resources and only twenty minutes per class:

Sri Lanka and Australia – Grass Roots Approaches to Primary Education

A comparison of the educational environment for children in a village school in Sri Lanka with a primary school in Sydney, Australia written by and from the perspective of a high school student in Australia: