About Us

About UsPIMD volunteers work at a grass-roots community level to expand opportunities for students, teachers, and their communities through education and ICT.

Our Focus

Partners In Micro-Development Inc. (PIMD) is an association of volunteer professionals from the education and ICT sectors, who are highly motivated and committed to improving access to education and ICT in developing countries and communities. Our expertise is in ICT for development ( ICT4D ) and education.

Our focus is the development of educational and ICT capability at a grass-roots level – e-development – so that village communities can access resources for development more readily than is possible through larger programs and at the same time integrate with more broad-based Government and aid programs for development. Our objective is to assist the communities in becoming sustainable as a social and economic unit.

Sri Lanka

To that end we act as a catalyst, facilitator and project manager for development projects at a grass-roots, village level focusing on education for children and adults, small enterprise capacity building, and community level ICT services.

Download our brochure, About PMD.

Our Values

PIMD is dedicated to improving access to education in developing countries and communities. In doing so, we value:

1. Building partnerships : with those in the developing communities so that the real needs of the local people can be discerned, and so that they participate in determining their development priorities; in our own community in order to foster increased understanding of our mutual development needs in both developed and developing countries; amongst global organisations  involved in development initiatives.

2. Eradicating poverty through targeted education programs – so that through increased levels of basic language and ICT literacy, grass-roots communities are empowered to take effective hold of their destiny.

3. Respecting and promoting the dignity of each human being – through enhancing and developing the knowledge and skills required to create a sustainable community environment.

Annual Reports

Download our latest Annual Report (PDF): PIMD Annual Report 2018

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