What I think about the mobile phone conversation lessons by Mohan from Kilinochchi

Mohan infront of Sri Lanka's Provincial MapSometimes I struggled with my English sentence formation as I had less knowledge but after the mobile conversation messages I think I am much better now. I am lucky to have a suitable, knowledgeable and creative conversation partner namely Mr.Mark. I don’t have any other chance to use what I know about English except what I practiced with the students in the classroom. My mother tongue is Tamil and most of my community members are unable to speak English.

So I can’t practice or develop my skills in English. I am developing further my English language skills while messaging because automatically there’s a progress. As a teacher I worried sometimes as who’s going to correct my errors when I wondered which is the correct expression. My conversation partner is always pointing my errors and putting suggestions. I think it may not be difficult to open oral conversation too after the text messaging experience and I feel it is better to text first before you speak it. In the classroom also I feel some thing helps me now. The English vocabulary also added a remarkable numbers of English words and it is helping me to make sentences too. I think I’ve learned a lot about Australia through different topics and I exchanged a lot about my country too. There’s a special thing that I identified through the messaging, that I am too wordy. I can explain this because I think I haven’t sufficient vocabulary. As an advantage I can now talk about the things that I know without any worry. The messaging also gave me the ability to ask questions for what I want to know. I think my style is England style or American style. I must go so far to reach the highest level in English knowledge.