TWDG partners with PIMD to improve Teachers’ English

The Tamil Women’s Development Group (TWDG) is partnering with PIMD to help individual teachers in the Lotus Program build their confidence in spoken English. TWDG volunteers work with individual teachers for 45 mins/week online engaging in English conversation. We are trying to build the teachers’ confidence to help them teach English in the classroom and beyond, especially in cases where they are not trained English teachers and there is no English teacher in the school. PIMD is very grateful to the TWDG volunteers – the program has been running for several months and word has gone around amongst our schools. More and more teachers are putting their hand up for this free, voluntary service. This story captures exactly what we are trying to achieve:

“Hi Donna, I had my mentoring today. When I asked V. if I should change anything I in the session she said the English teacher was sick yesterday so requested V. to teach the class and she would sit at the back and just watch. After the class she had said that V. can continue to teach English as she is as good as her and she would advise the Principal too to the same affect. Then today one of her grade 3 students told her “miss, you sound like the English miss now”. ”

Thank you TWDG for your support to Tamil, Sinhala, and Muslim Teachers in the Lotus Program!