The Lotus Program Works

We recently received this feedback from a primary English teacher in one of the Lotus Program schools in Sri Lanka: 

“My school is situated in Trincomalee district .There are more than 35  children in each classes. I am one and only English teacher in my school . I faced a lot of issues in my teaching career. I am a university graduate but I haven’t had any traning for primary  teaching. I want to tell something about our Lotus program. I have learned and am learning a lot of teaching strategies from the Lotus program.I t’s an amazing experience for me. Every day I learn step by step through this program. I always try to learn new things and I always try to use them with my beloved students. I started my journey under the guidance of PIMD group. In grade 2 I begin by teaching only phonics sound through big books and posters given to us by PIMD. Every day I sing and dance with them and show how to pronouns all sounds. They all were interested.  I always follow the guidelines and videos given by Lotus program. They were very helpful for me. In grade 3 I started to give dictations as the students learnt to write the sounds. First I gave them only two or three letters words and then one sentence, two sentence. Now they can write paragraphs. I am so happy about that. My grade 3 students can write long paragraphs as  dictations. I tell them sounds and they can identify the sounds and write. It ‘s an amazing. The Lotus program  is a very successful method. After the students start writing dictations I used the story books given by PIMD. Even today I am learning lot of things from this program. I have no words to thank them. My students are learning English very happily and joyfully. I can do lot of thing in my school through this program .Thank you very much again and again.”