I’ve made a difference

A reflection on ‘reading recovery’

A child enters the room.

He is Kandy by name.

A sweet little boy

Who will one day have fame.


He cannot understand

What clue to look for.

He doesn’t get the language,

“Wat dat?” he would roar.


A prompt from the teacher

And then he would know.

His confidence slowly

Beginning to grow.


One day he lit up.

A word that he saw.

He recognized it

From somewhere before.


“That was in Dinosaur book.”

He jumped up and ran to have a look.

The teacher smiled. He got the connection.

There even was a self-correction.


And Kandy was on his way.

He would graduate

One day.


That day arrived.

The teacher cried.

“I’ve made a difference to a child.”


Tentatively back to the selection.

To the classroom for the collection.

“Not me this time.”

He proudly calls, “I’m fine.”


A huge smile appears.

I’ve made a difference

To go on for many years.


by  Paula Cardenzana