Our Partners

We are looking for partners to support our work by becoming involved, or donating resources.
Our process starts with an idea for a project which may come from village communities, other organisations, or our members. Once we have fleshed out the concept including background research, consulted with the community, and established feasibility we then bring together in partnership :
  • the key stakeholders from the community and the public sector;
  • private sector, NGOs, aid agencies, and private philanthropic organisations, who can deliver on some aspect of the project such as funding, implementation expertise, donations in kind, subject matter expertise; and
  • project sponsors who may assist us with promotion.
Our role in a project may include the following activities :
  • Developing project proposals
  • Consulting with key stakeholders to ensure that the project is appropriately conceived, planned and delivered
  • Applying for funding under bi-lateral and multi-lateral aid grant programs, as well as from private philanthropic foundations
  • Obtaining donations in kind from the private sector
  • Establishing a formal implementation agreement with organisations who have complementary expertise and capabilities
  • Project management
  • Ensuring ongoing sustainability of the project
  • Utilising our own expertise to develop tools for use by the projects e.g. educational curriculum.

Become a partner

If you have an idea for a project , expertise in any of our focus areas (education for children and adults, small enterprise capacity building, and community level ICT services), can assist us in promoting projects, or if you wish to work with us in any capacity at all, please contact us by emailing info@microdevpartners.org . We would be delighted to hear from you.

Meet our Partners:


Rotary Australia
World Community Service Ltd

Through association with RAWCS we are able to offer our donors tax deductibility for their donations. In addition the Trincomalee Rotary Club in Sri Lanka has endorsed our project for ESL and Computer Literacy for Village Schools in Sri Lanka.
Ants in the Apple

Ants in the Apple is an Australian company which develops texts and resources for literacy and numeracy that can be used by parents and in the classroom. Ants in the Apple has very generously donated a range of resources to help teachers in PIMD’s Lotus Program in Sri Lanka learn and teach phonics and English grammar.
St Ursula's College St. Ursula’s College Kingsgrove

St. Ursula’s College Kingsgrove, a grade 7-12 Catholic girls high school in Sydney with whom several of our members have a long association, generously prints our quarterly newsletter for teachers in Sri Lanka.
Protea Textware Protea Textware

Protea develops and offers software for ESL, English literacy and numeracy targetting multiple skill levels. Protea has generously donated copies of its product, Issues in English 2, for use by the teachers in our Sri Lanka project to help them improve their own English.
Phonics Alive!
Advanced Software

The Phonics Alive! family is a unique concept in structured Phonics education designed for use in the classroom and at home. Phonics Alive! 1 is an Australian developed computer-based literacy program, produced in conjunction with the NSW Department of School Education. It can be used with students at a very early age, through to adults.
Advanced Software, an Australia company who has developed the Phonics Alive family of products, has generously provided copies of Phonics Alive 1at cost for use in each school in our Sri Lanka project.
 Cambridge Cambridge University Press Australia is supporting the PIMD Lotus Program in Sri Lanka by providing its Basic English in Use grammar book for use by teachers to improve their own English and prepare for classroom lessons with their students.http://www.cambridge.org/aus/
Reading A-Z

Reading A-Z provides levelled readers which can be downloaded from the web and ptrinted for use in guided reading (small group) sessions. This mode of learning to read is a core part of the PIMD Lotus Program. Reading A-Z have provided us with discounted subscriptions for each village school in the Lotus Program.
Arion Productions

Arion Productions developed our new website for us and provides maintenance and other support. We found Arion to be very responsive and have provided excellent advice. We are very grateful for their continued support.
WorkVentures WorkVentures Group: Building communities that work

WorkVentures is an Australian non-profit organisation which refurbishes used computers for communities and disadvantaged people in Australia. WorkVentures supported PIMD by providing refurbished computers at cost for our project in Sri Lanka.
World Computer Exchange

World Computer Exchange
WCE is an international educational nonprofit focused on helping the world’s poorest youth to bridge the disturbing global divides in information, technology and understanding. WCE keeps donated computers out of landfills and gives them new life connecting youth to the Internet in developing countries.
WCE is providing computers for use in the village schools in Sri Lanka who are participating in PIMD’s pilot program for English and Computer Literacy for Grades 1 and 2 in Sri Lankan village schools.
Nilgiri's Nilgiri’s Indian Resturant and Fine Food

Nilgiri’s Indian Restaurant and Fine Food and winner of the Sydney Morning Herald 2004 Good Food Guide Award, through the talents of its celebrity chef, Ajoy Joshi, has an established reputation both for its restaurant and pre-packaged food. The restaurant is located at 81-83 Christie St. St Leonards, reservations phone 02-99660636.
Nilgiris is a generous fund-raising sponsor for PIMD.

Herbie's Spices Herbie’s Spices

Herbie has long been the nickname of Ian Hemphill, one of Australia’s foremost culinary herb and spice experts. Herbie’s Spices fills a need in the community of cooks and food lovers for one central place to access all those hard-to-find herbs and spices. Herbies conducts spice tours to India and Sri Lanka. The shop is located at 745 Darling Street ROZELLE NSW 2039 (At the Lilyfield end of Darling Street) , Ph: (02) 9555 6035, Fax: (02) 9555 6037 .
Herbies is a generous fund-raising sponsor for PIMD.
Mayer-Johnson Mayer Johnson

Mayer-Johnson is a mail-order company located in San Diego, California, and focusing on augmentative communication products. Augmentative Communication refers to the use of aids or techniques that supplement existing verbal communication skills.
Mayer-Johnson has donated copies of its Boardmaker product for use by teachers in PIMD’s pilot program for English and Computer Literacy for Grades 1 and 2 in Sri Lankan village schools. PIMD is enhancing the product to support Tamil script.
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